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Cercare Casa a Pesaro - Immobiliare Via Branca 50


Pesaro is a valuable treasure surrounded by the sea, mountains and hills. His cultural characters ranges between music, crafts of pottery and the beauty of its beaches. Pesaro is a selected destination for tourism, which offers efficient accomodation, without sacrificing leisure and fun. During the summer in the whole area near the sea you can find markets, nice artist’s shows and events about tipical food and wine. Pesaro holds several artistic, cultural and folklore events. The Rossini Opera Festival welcomes every years many enthusiasts from around the world to heard the works of the great composer Rossini revisited by the greatest contemporaries masters. The city also hosts the International Show of New Cinema, it presents interessants retrospectives about the most original and famous directors and proposes many films from other countries. You can also enjoy the National Festival of Dramatic Art , it is the oldest and established theater exhibition, the Prose Season at the Teatro Rossini and concerts at the Teatro Pedrotti.

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Immobiliare Via Branca 50
Cercare Casa a Urbino - Immobiliare Via Branca 50


Urbino, was decreed in 1998 UNESCO Heritage , it’s a place surprising and fascinating. Its magnificent Ducal Palace , created by the great Federico da Montefeltro, with all its rooms, its turrets and magnificent courtyard represents an admirable example of architecture of his time. Located inside there is the splendid National Gallery of Marche that holds numerous art treasures of Piero della Francesca, Raphael and Laurana . The city proposes “Antique Music Festival”, the renowned “Festival of Kites”, a real explosion of fantasy and color, and Festival Duke a historical re-enactment of the events of Montefeltro, bringing the old town of the Renaissance’s splendour. All around you can see the charm of a landscape of hills and valleys, as in the paintings of Renaissance masters that have known and loved Urbino at the time of Montefeltro.

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Immobiliare Via Branca 50
Cercare Casa a Montefeltro - Immobiliare Via Branca 50


The area of Montefeltro has many significance environmental, historical and high cultural features. It 's a great area with its rich history. Since this area was crossing linking the north of Italy and Europe with Rome and the Mediterranean, it has hosted or been part of other civilizations such as Roman, Byzantine, Gothic, Carolingian, Lombard, getting a set of historical, perhaps unique in the world. These testimonials can be found in many castles, fortresses, towers, small towns and fortified churches full of rich artwork . Considering the artistical level in this area have expressed the most renowned painters of the Renaissance , including , Giotto, Piero della Francesca, Raphael and Luca della Robbia . The most important centres of the territory are Pennabilli , home of renowned National Exhibition of Antiques; Sassocorvaro the fortress Ubaldinesca Francesco di Giorgio Martini; St. Leo medieval Fortress and Romanesque churches; Sant'Agata Feltria with the medieval fortress of Fregoso, important centre for collection and marketing of truffles .

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Immobiliare Via Branca 50
Cercare Casa a Carpegna - Immobiliare Via Branca 50


Carpegna is one of main town of Montefeltro. It shows the typical characteristics of a rich area with a noble history that revolves around the family of Counts of Carpegna, from which they derives the family of Malatesta, the Montefeltro and the Faggiola, the glorious family of illustrious Uguccione. Carpegna is absorbed in its green land and lying on the side of its mountain, it offers tourists the chance to enjoiy several sports activities as long walks, hard hikes at the most demanding trails of Natural Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello, horseback riding and hiking Biking. Another important feature of the area is the local cuisine. It remains close to typical tradition of Marche, but it is affected by traditions of surrounding regions as Tuscany and Romagna: you can think to the Crostolo, the Piada house made, the famous ham, the mushrooms, the typical truffles, the game, the cheese, the honey, all typical products highly appreciated.

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Immobiliare Via Branca 50
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