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Immobiliare Via Branca 50 - Associato FIAIP

Sell or rent a property yourself you can, we Italians are the handyman, you know.

But the question is at the right price to sell or rent conveniently is a task for everyone?

In every industry there are pitfalls and loopholes that only a professional knows.

Still today in Italy most real estate transactions take place without the intervention of a mediator (the trend is fortunately more and more to contact an estate agent).

It 'important to make the work of a professional for a long series of reasons.

The estate agent is obliged to inform their customers of all aspects of the operation. Must advise "custom" to 360 degrees.

Not everyone understands the cultural background of a good real estate agent: You must have knowledge in the legal, tax, financial, legislative, bureaucratic, logistical, etc. ...

Moreover, the real estate agent saves time getting phone calls of potential stakeholders, and selecting people to actually meet, takes away the thought of having to get into the house, unknown people, raises the burden of effectively advertise the property, can provide a statistical 'performance objectives of the deal by proposing any adjustments, etc. ...

It 'then must be continuously updated on legislation that market situation ...

In short, the estate agent knows the area in which moves and can be helpful in many ways.

The knowledge of the market, especially in times of global change such as this, is the strength of the intermediary and its customers ...!

Our knowledge and our proven expertise gained in these years in real estate are at your disposal.


When you want to sell or rent your property you need to know what is the market value.
Very often, to determine the value, we rely on the views of neighbors and acquaintances, or the sterile statistics of newspapers and television, but not always the results obtained, their beliefs or expectations then correspond to reality.

What risks?

- Appraisal too high
is likely to keep their property empty for a long time you make numerous visits with potential stakeholders, but nobody wants to end the deal.

- Appraisal too high
ends once the deal ... at a price that does not make on the subject ...

How, then, to know the value of a property?

the "market value" is determined from the intersection between demand and supply.
It seems trivial, but can not be defined in another manner.
E 'futile request a figure that is not in line with market estimates (estimates of the market are determined by customer demand in that particular area).
If we could theoretically move the same apartment from one area to another city, we could see significant fluctuations in value.
You must know that exposure to either side of the same building is crucial for the attribution of value, then there's the plan, the internal composition, the finish ... well, not easy!

Who can know so well all these variations?
Who knows the customer requests detail?
Who has the pulse of the market, and forecasts?
We must rely on a professional, someone who "chews" these things every day ... maybe for years, and preferably with specific knowledge of the territory.

Our experience is at your service, we will listen to your expectations and then provide the best solution.


How does the mortgage market?
Which bank can provide financial product Piò suits your needs?
You can negotiate the terms dictated by the bank?
What in detail all the expenses that face for the ignition of the loan?
What maximum amount of loan you can ask the bank?

If you put even one of these questions, we have what you need.

We are members of FIAP (Italian Federation of Professional Estate Agents) and because of that we have access to confidential conditions. All our customers can take advantage of our discounts, rebates and conventions, even without buy with us.

We can provide informational talks at many lending institutions, perhaps in yours, but you must call us before you make an appointment to access the facilities ...


What sorts of tenancies are there?
What is the difference from one contract to another?
What are the methods to be protected from failures of the lessee?
By that criterion may assess potential stakeholders?
How to choose the contract Piò aptly compared to subjective needs?
... These and many more are the questions to ask before entering into a lease.

There are many types of leases, so a good real estate agent will advise the most suitable to customer needs. What is more difficult to recognize a good conductor from a person not reliable: In our experience we rented many properties in all types of people and say with absolute certainty that all owners who have entrusted us found themselves well with their conductor.

It is not the type of conductor to make a difference, but the single person.

We believe that the pool of types (families, workers, singles, couples, corporation, foreign professionals, students, etc ...) give ample scope for maneuver. Each tenant has different expectations and therefore personal adaptability. From this huge pool of potential drivers can choose the perfect conductor.


- Drafting and registration of the contract (service provided to those who did not avail of our brokerage)
- Calculation and payment of registration fees for the first year
- Service reporting deadline for annual payment of registration fees (service provided also that has not made use of our brokerage)
- Management of relations with the conductor
- Pubblicitòà constant tourist apartments

We stay current with all regulations relating to leases to protect the most of our customers. We are available for personal advice.
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